MIT’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 6-A M.Eng. Thesis Program matches industry mentors with EECS undergraduate and M.Eng. students who have demonstrated excellent academic preparation and motivation. Read more…

  1. The VI-A program has provided me with the opportunity to gain a company perspective of the product cycle, and to apply engineering principles learned at MIT to a real-life setting. -- Herman Mutiso, NetApp, Sunnyvale, CA, summer 2011
  2. "I absolutely love MIT and would never want to leave if I can help it. But the truth is, it is the ‘real-world’ for most of us after school. I think VI-A provides a wonderfully unique opportunity to make this transition much smoother. You get to have work experience during school under mentors who have probably attended MIT for undergrad or grad school. It is absolutely a great learning experience." --Afsah Shafquat, MEng., 2011, Medtronic, Minneapolis, MN, summer 2010.
  3. “Because research is fundamentally about solving difficult problems, and such challenges exist for everyone everywhere, there is no better way to explore the unknown than through the combined perspectives and efforts of researchers with completely different styles and cultures. Through the EECS VI-A International Program, I worked with inspiring friends and colleagues at Google Beijing this past summer. This experience has shown me the hope that lies in our collective human ingenuity." -- Jon C. Chu, Google, Beijing summer 2007 M.Eng. '09
  4. "My internship at Qualcomm during the past two summers was a great integration of my course work. I got to see how theories applied to the real world. It was a great satisfaction to contribute while learning a lot at the same time. In addition, the beautiful San Diego weather was definitely a highlight of the fun summer life." -- Jingwen Ouyang, M.Eng. 2009
  5. "VI-A has been one of the best experiences I’ve had at MIT. Working at Lincoln over the past three years has allowed me to really develop an exciting thesis topic and create relationships with my group members that will prove invaluable in my M.Eng." -- Hana Adaniya, MEng. 2008, Lincoln Laboratory
  6. The VI-A internship was a rewarding experience for me. I started the assignment with little background in the field. Through the mentorship and interaction with other engineers, I was able to design a company product after six months. It was a unique opportunity to see where academia and industry meet. -- Surapap Rayanakorn, Linear Technology, 2004-06, MIT PhD candidate.te. -- Surapap Rayanakorn, MEng.

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