"I found the 6-A program to be very structured, and would certainly do it again if given the chance.  The ability to perform research with a top-tier company allowed for eye-opening experiences, such as holding design reviews, working with other engineering teams, and taping-out an integrated circuit.  This prepared me well for job interviews, making me much more employable.  Having industry experience while also conducting state-of-the-art research kept many doors open, such as more graduate school or going directly into industry.  The 6-A program is a wonderful balance of industry and research."

Henry Love, Analog Devices, No Chelmsford, MA


"6-A has allowed me to complete my MEng thesis, while working at a place I love (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory). During my assignment, I’ve had the chance to explore in depth a variety of topics, which I had little exposure to through my undergraduate coursework. I learned industry best practices, had the chance to collaborate on interdisciplinary teams, and was able to participate in the lab's and my group's culture to the fullest extent. During my time here, I've witnessed record-setting experiments and toured world-class facilities. Along the way, I've developed close relationships with a number of amazing mentors. Aside from my thesis, 6-A has also opened doors to a possible doctoral thesis, and a full-time job. The program has genuinely changed my life!"

Mira Partha, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA


"I had a great experience with my time at Draper under the 6-A program. I had a lot of independence in pursuing research avenues that I thought were interesting, while also receiving valuable feedback and advice in addition to getting access to the computational recourses necessary for machine learning.  During my time here, I had the ability to apply what I learned in the classroom while also learning industry best practices."  

Nicholas Waltman, Draper, Cambridge, MA


"Getting the chance to do 6-A with Analog Devices was an amazing experience that truly opened the door to practical, hands-on experience in the integrated circuit design industry. Through unparalleled mentorship and a focus on putting 6-A students right into the action, I was exposed to methods and topics in circuit design that went far beyond what is taught in the classroom.  My time with ADI expanded my breadth as an engineer, and gave me a skill set that will surely give me a leg up when entering industry.  I would do 6-A again in a heartbeat."

Ignacio Estay Forno, Analog Devices, No. Chelmsford, MA


“I loved my 6-A assignment at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Not only was I able to apply the skills I learned in the classroom, but I was able to work with top-notch engineers in a fast paced environment. I gained a deeper understanding of how to successfully work on a team and contribute to an ongoing project.”

Erin Main, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA


"NetApp is an incredibly collaborative and innovative place to work. It has a great work-life balance and cultivates a welcoming space for new ideas. You will learn and grow a lot here for sure."

Tho Tran, NetApp, North Carolina


“6-A at First Republic Bank has been a great experience for me as both a Data Scientist and a Software Engineer. The hands-on experience you get from trying to apply the lessons you learned at MIT to the real world cannot be overstated. While traditional internship experiences also provide good experiences, I feel that there is an added excitement to it when you are actively seeking out a project that will also one day be your Thesis. You go into the internship every day with a greater sense of purpose.”

Wei Hou Wu, The First Republic Bank, San Francisco, CA