VI-A International

By offering internships abroad, the 6-A program ensures that our students are at the forefront of understanding both theoretical and practical engineering issues in a global environment. The EECS department’s 6-A internship program has begun the 6-A international version for global internships and industry-based masters of engineering theses around the world in Summer 2006. Current 6-A companies with research and product development operations are targeted for this program. We hope to expand to other multi-national corporations around the globe.

The program provides professional experience in an industrial environment and offers students the opportunity to do an MIT EECS master of engineering thesis with the supervision of both company engineers and MIT faculty. With today’s global network of product definition, design, and manufacturing, internationalizing the 6-A program will ensure that our students are at the forefront of understanding practical engineering issues in a global environment.

  1. At Microsoft Research Asia in Beijing, (from left) VI-A student, Anh Nguyen meets with VI-A Director Mark Zahn and Dr. Eric Chang, Director of Technology Strategy, MSRA
  2. “Because research is fundamentally about solving difficult problems, and such challenges exist for everyone everywhere, there is no better way to explore the unknown than through the combined perspectives and efforts of researchers with completely different styles and cultures. Through the EECS VI-A International Program, I worked with inspiring friends and colleagues at Google Beijing this past summer. This experience has shown me the hope that lies in our collective human ingenuity." -- Jon C. Chu, Google, Beijing summer 2007 M.Eng. '09
  3. EECS Professor Charles Sodini, director of EECS International explains the new VI-A International Program to students at the VI-A Open House.